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Black In Minneapolis” (starring Emmy-winner Toussaint Morrison) is described as a modern-day Malcolm X story, told through the eyes of a Black man who witnesses his brother’s murder by police during a routine traffic stop.

He responds to the cruel injustice by creating a movement of Black people to fight against systemic oppression and police brutality through community organizing, political policy and force.

Peep the powerful trailer below:

“Am I going to live?” is a thought that every Black person in America, including myself, has had when they are pulled over by the police,” said director David J. Buchanan.

I had been thinking about the ideas in Black In Minneapolis for years, and when I saw the Facebook Live video of Philando Castile as he was murdered by Minneapolis police, I put pen to paper and wrote the script.

Black In Minneapolis assets

Source: Monument Releasing

“Black In Minneapolis” was filmed mainly in Minneapolis, where I grew up, and parts of St. Paul with a local cast and crew. This is the first time I’ve made a politically charged film, and I wanted to ground the fiction of the story in reality. I have a strong background in documentary filmmaking, so I took that knowledge and used it to interview real people about their experiences with law enforcement. The film is made up of these interviews spliced between the narrative portions of the film.

It is my responsibility as a filmmaker to use my tools and resources to create a catalyst for change and a call to unite my community. We have power when we stand together as a Black community, which we don’t always realize. We often forget where we came from and why we’re here.

Black In Minneapolis assets

Source: Monument Releasing

And in order for us to re-recognize why it’s important to stand together, and why it’s important to take care of your Black neighbors, we need to see ourselves through our own lens, not the white media’s. Ultimately, the hope is for this story to resonate within the Black community for years to come.

“Black In Minneapolis” streams everywhere October 27th.



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