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New Berlin Airport Prepares For October 31 Opening

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This ugly lil’ bum b!t¢# really gave it a try with a Black barista at a Santee, California Starbucks this past Sunday. 19-year-old Alex Beckom was simply trying not to become a statistic like 53% of white women’s president Donald Trump and over 8 million other Americans who have tested positive for COVID-19. As she filled an order for an unruly Becky, she asked that the disgruntled woman wear a mask when entering the store. That’s the policy and beyond that, it’s considerate to others.

But leave it to white women to magically manifest victimhood out of thin air. They’re like the David Blaine of oppression. This heffa gon’ say, “I’m not going to listen to anything you say to me when you talk to me like that, and I know it’s because you’re discriminating against me because I’m a Trump supporter.”

Outside of being an obnoxious caucasian brat, how the hell would anyone know you support Trump, KKKaren? There goes that aforementioned magic. Poof.

Broccoli cheddar cheese soup with crackers

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B-b-b-b-but wait, it gets worse! Then KKKaren fixed her face to say, “F**K BLACK LIVES MATTER!” THEN, then, then…ask for a straw and some sugar. Alex is a saint because there’s no way in hell we would have given this h*e anything other than a black eye. Because black eyes matter just like Black lives matter.

Alex uploaded a video of the incident to her Twitter page.

Although the girl in the video has not been identified, there are people in the replies who claim to have ID’d her.

Hope she enjoys her new life as a publicly-outed racist. *Khaleesi smile*



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