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Breonna Taylor will likely never get the justice that she so richly deserves. We hope we’re wrong about that but the way Amerikkka’s moral and legal standards are setup…we won’t be holding our breath.

Yesterday, Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly spoke to Michael Strahan for two whole-a$$ hours in an attempt to convince the public of how sorry he is and how much remorse he carries in his heart for her death. To that, we say remorse is not a consequence and sorry won’t bring an innocent, Black, essential worker back to life. According to ABCNews, Mattingly explained what he thinks would have kept Breonna alive and it’s absolutely infuriating.

“What would I have done differently, the answer to that is simple now that I’ve been thinking about it,” Mattingly said. “Number one, we would have either served the no-knock warrant or we would have done the normal thing we do, which is five to 10 seconds. To not give people time to formulate a plan, not give people time to get their senses so they have an idea of what they’re doing. Because if that had happened … Breonna Taylor would be alive, 100 percent.”

So, not the police actually doing their jobs competently and being at the correct address where the actual subject of the warrant was located? Not fully identifying themselves from the beginning? Neither would have prevented her death, huh? Aight.

Mattingly also attempts to eschew the notion that Breonna’s death is a Black Lives Matter issue by saying, “This is not relatable to George Floyd. It’s nothing like it. It’s not Ahmaud Arbery. It’s nothing like it. It’s not a race thing like people want to make it to be.”

Just because Mattingly and his porky pals didn’t call Breonna and Kenneth a bunch of n-words before the shooting started does not mean that race isn’t a factor in the refusal of the system to dole out justice to those who were treated unjustly.

The interview comes just hours after the grand jurors on Breonna Taylor’s case were granted permission to speak freely about the court process. One juror claimed that Kentucky A.G., Daniel Cameron didn’t present them with all the facts.



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