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Georgia politics is as hot as it’s ever been and things are very interesting for the upcoming election.

Jon Ossoff David Perdue

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Yes, everyone is worried about who will be our next president but equally important is ensuring a win in the senate. Much of what Donald Trump has done to malign this country has been done with the support of wretched senators like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Georgia Senator David Perdue, ya know, the one who thought it was funny to mock Kamala Harris’ name.

Fortunately, Perdue is at SERIOUS risk of losing his seat to Jon Ossoff on Tuesday and we relish the opportunity to flip the state blue for the first time since 1992. At the time of this writing, Joe Biden is a slight favorite according to Five Thirty Eight and that bodes very well for all the down-ballot candidates like Ossoff who are looking to unseat Republicans from their privileged perches.

In 2016, Trump only won Georgia by 5 points and in 2018, cheating-a$$ Brian Kemp only beat Stacey Abrams by 1 point! It stands to reason that with Biden’s significant lead in the national polls, that Georgia is in play to go to the Democrats in just 4 days. One might also surmise that a Republican with a small lead would be fighting tooth-and-nail to secure a wider margin before the final ballots are cast. However, after his embarrassing debate performance this week, David Perdue wants no smoke…



According to The Hill, Perdue has opted not to attend the final debate like a true coward. As you can see from the above clip, Ossoff destroyed Perdue this week and took to Twitter to metaphorically spit on his grave in 280-characters or less once he heard that the sitting Senator wouldn’t face him like a man.

Chided that man like he was a small child. Sensational.


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