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Welp, there we have it. The first state to flip for either side in the 2020 Presidential election.



Joe Biden has drawn first blood so to speak. Up until this point, neither Presidential candidate had taken away a state that their opposition won in 2016. Late last night, the AP, Fox News, and several other outlets called the state of Arizona for the Biden-Harris ticket. Arizona was one of the states that was in play this campaign season and Biden getting a win there is big.

As most of you know, Donald Trump has spit on the grave of the state’s beloved former Senator John McCain numerous times over the years and even after his death and, well…

The ghost of John McCain haunting Donald Trump’s re-election hopes is delicious in the most 2020 way ever.



Word on the tweets that Trump and his campaign bootlickers were BIG pissed when his loyal media liars at Fox News called Arizona for Biden according to CNN’s Jim Acosta saying, “Trump advisers say the campaign is furious with Fox for its Arizona call for Biden, an indication of how much he was riding on the state. “Words cannot describe the anger,” the adviser said.”

Aw, poor thang.

According to Fox News, Joe Biden’s camp is confident that the election conclusion will be in his favor.

An official from his campaign said that they’re confident that Biden will also win Wisconsin later Wednesday morning. This is looking to be a very tight race.

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