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Joe Biden Delivers Remarks On Coronavirus In Delaware

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

Captain’s log: Day 3. Here we stand at the precipice of glory. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are a pinky-toenail away from removing Donald Trump from the Oval Office. It’s just a matter of time now and based on the way the numbers are trending, today should be the day that the 2020 Presidental race is officially called for the Democratic ticket.

According to the hardest working man at MSNBC, Steve Kornacki, Joe Biden has now taken the lead from Donald Trump in the great state of Georgia by a slim margin of 917 votes and more votes are still being counted. A great many of them were cast in overwhelmingly Democratic counties and Biden’s lead is likely to grow significantly throughout the afternoon.



In another battleground state, Pennsylvania, Biden has also surged ahead of 53% of white women’s president as votes from Philadelphia and Allegheny County are being reported every few hours. A win there will completely end Trump’s ability to tie the race or win. It will be over. He will weep. We will smile.



People have talked a LOT of s#!t about Georgia over the last week but now they have kiss the muthaf***in ring because the south got something to say and it goes a lil’ somethin’ like this, “YOU’RE FIRED!”


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