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This is getting ridiculous now…


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America has been as patient as it can possibly be considering the circumstances that the country is facing right now. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic raised the general level of stress in most citizens, but the ongoing fight for social justice has exhausted a great many people as well. To add on top of that a circus-like election season that has further divided the country is almost too much to take. However, despite the meager protests from rancorous anglos who want to see white supremacy in the White House for another four years, there has been peace. People are sitting at home watching the TV harder than a racially-profiling store clerk watches a Black man in a hoodie. We all just want to get this over with and breathe the sweet sigh of relief that the MAGA era is over.

Unfortunately, the antiquated and, quite frankly, racist electoral college system has us staring at a 4.3 million vote lead for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris without truly knowing who the President-elect is. It makes no f***ing sense whatsoever.

A desperate Donald Trump and his small band of bootlicking Republicans have filed lawsuits and asked to speak to the manager, The Supreme Court, in an effort to stop the inevitable. According to MSNBC, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito granted a request to have Pennsylvania mail-in ballots be separated from the rest, but he did not grant their request to stop the counting of votes.

Joe Biden holds varying degrees of leads in the battleground states and based on sheer math and continuously trickling data, Donald Trump has virtually no chance of closing the gap in the race to 270 electoral college votes.

People are flooding our Twitter mentions demanding that we publish what might just be THE headline of our illustrious careers.

For f**ks sake, let’s just get it over with already before tempers flare even hotter and s#!t gets really ugly in the streets and the tweets!



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