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Americans are exceptionally petty, but now that Oxidized Orange Juice in Office has his walking papers, the pettiness is reaching new heights.

President Donald J. Trump...

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In between dancing through the streets to celebrate president-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris’ win, several petty people got the number to Defeated Dorito’s “voter fraud” campaign line and flooded it with prank phone calls.

ABC News reports that the line has turned into a “nightmare” for staffers who have been bombarded with prank calls from people “laughing or mocking them over Biden’s win before hanging up.” If you need proof that such phone calls are REALLY happening, we present to you the trolltastic teens of TikTok who are uploading their prank phone calls to the app.

This marks the second time that TikTokers have put a hurtin’ on Trump. Remember when they worked alongside K-Pop fans and Black Twitter to ensure his Tulsa Rally had horrible turnout?

That’s our kinda carryin’ on…


In related news, we’d be remiss and absolutely not petty enough if we didn’t mention Trump’s Four Seasons debacle. So, here it goes…


Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Just before Cheeto lost the election on Saturday, he called for a press conference to be held at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Somehow, someway and possibly with the help of those summoned “Angels from Africa”, a campaign staffer mistakenly booked FOUR SEASONS TOTAL LANDSCAPING, not the Four Seasons hotel, and Trump’s press conference was held in a parking lot between a crematorium and an XXX adult book store.

Ain’t God grand?! Won’t he do it?! But also, how is this even real life?!


What do YOU think about Deplorable Dorito’s curmudgeonous crumbs sinking into a sea of post-election pettiness?


Source: The Washington Post / Getty



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