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Jason Momoa Says He Was A Nervous Wreck When He First Approached Lisa Bonet And Is Still Terrified Of His Wife

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Jason Momoa covers Men's Health Magazine

Source: Ture Lillegraven for Men’s Health / Ture Lillegraven for Men’s Health

On being cast in the upcoming film Dune, and looking up to his co-star Javier Bardem:

“We were sitting at this table, and the scene is all about Javier walking into the room. I’ve never seen someone strut into a room like such a boss. He just comes right up to this table and stares everybody down. He’s glaring at everyone else but giving me a little bit of a twinkle, and I’m just giggling inside because I can’t believe I’m at this table right now. So then he delivers his lines and just kills it. And right after that, Denis goes up to him and starts giving him notes. I’m shocked, like, What the hell could you possible be giving him notes on? So I’m standing there absolutely terrified because I had to deliver all this sci-fi exposition, which is not my bag at all. And then I did it and I did not get any notes at all. I was so unbelievably happy I could have cried.”

On Dune co-star Timothee Chalamet:

“As beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.”

On his son getting upset watching Momoa’s action roles:

“My son just loses it. ‘Papa, are you okay?’ And I’m like, ‘Son, I’m sitting right next to you. We’re good, This was two years ago. Just watch the movie.’”


On his dream role:

“Romantic-comedy lead, the nerdy best friend, anything. I would love to do it, but so far nobody will hire me for it.”

Don’t know about y’all, but we would actually love to see Jason Momoa in a rom-com — especially as a nerd! Somebody take him up on this ASAP!



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