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Brian Kemp is under fire from every side of the political spectrum and it’s delicious.

Gov. Kemp And Surgeon General Jerome Adams Announce Expanded Testing In Atlanta

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Georiga’s governor has had a terrible year because he is a terrible governor. First, let’s start with the irrefutable fact that *many Georgians believe he shouldn’t even BE governor due to widespread belief that cheated Stacey Abrams out of her win through the use of targeted voter suppression of thousands of Black votes.

As a result of his ill-gotten gains, residents of the state have been exposed to unnecessary danger due to his lax, nonchalant, irresponsible, kiss-ass handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Georgia is wide open with no signs of shutting down despite the out of control cases of the disease. We say all that to say that Democrats, liberals, and progressives have absolutely NO use for this man.

Despite his months of doing wrong by his zaddy, Donald Trump, the other side of the aisle no longer has a use for Kemp either now that he has been forced to acknowledge the truth that Joe Biden won Georgia’s 16 electoral college votes in this year’s historic election. GOP’ers are so angry with Kemp that Trump legal counsel Sidney Powell took to Newsmax to baselessly accusing Kemp of being bribed by the Venezuelan government, the CIA, and some outfit called Dominion.

Subsequently, the Trump campaign through this ditzy broad under the bus the same way they are throwing Kemp under as they are now denying that Sidney Powell is a part of the legal counsel team.

Thing is, they JUST had Powell at one of their sham press conferences this past week when Rudy Guiliani was leaking hair dye.


You can’t make this s#!t up…smh. January

*Editor’s Note: Our original story claimed Brian Kemp cheated in the gubernatorial race against Stacey Abrams, however Politifact has reported that “it isn’t possible to prove if any election law or policy in Georgia cost Abrams her narrow loss to Republican Brian Kemp” and that there was no evidence voter suppression handed Kemp the race. Ironically, our editors live in Georgia and have witnessed the differences between voting in Cobb County and Fulton County, just for starters.


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