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Round 2!

We’re back with another serving of hilariously messy tweets/memes inspired by the now-infamous Bussit Brunch at True Kitchen + Kocktails where a messy owner cussed out cake-clapping customers for twerking on furniture during brunch at his ‘respectable’ establishment.

And yes, there’s video footage you can watch below.

After hours of jokes and memes, the owner, Kevin Kelley, finally responded on TMZ Live which you can view here. In the video, he insists he doesn’t have an issue with twerking but more so with the time and place that the twerking took place.

The restaurant later released a statement on their Instagram account detailing the moments leading up to the incident.

But of course, you have to find a little humor in this twerking fiasco. True Kitchen posted a follow-up statement citing that their “spices, seasonings and recipes” were the key culprit behind the women in the viral clip throwing it back.

Following the incident, the internet broke out in a firestorm of chatter and some were divided between those who agree that twerking shouldn’t happen inside restaurants during brunch and others who think that outdated way of thinking is steeped in respectability politics.

Either way, True Kitchen went viral for all the wrong reasons despite its intriguing menu that consists of brunch dishes like Fried Chicken & Moet and drink selections that include frozen cocktails served in upcycled D’Usse or Patron bottles.

In response to the numerous comments and postings on social media I will share a bit of detail associated with our guests twerking, being asked to stop, being addressed, and asked to leave TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails,” they wrote on the official Instagram page.

While I would like to apologize to the patrons who I offended by my poor choice of wording, I think this full story and a bit of video may help your understanding of the final straw with guests addressed and asked to leave.

Read the full statement here and peep MORE hilariously messy now-infamous brunch twerker saga on the flip.

“Me trying to get kicked out of True after I run up a $400 bill at brunch” – ayeeeee

“When twerk wind gets on your $27 salad” – TWERK WIND

““Ma’am, please have a seat! We don’t allow dancing in this restaurant!”


“True Kitchen when they hear too many “AYEEEE’s” in a section” – *HOWLS*

“True Kitchen: “So you want your eggs scrambled…how do you want your steak cooked!?” – lololololol

“Me, 12 mimosas in, fighting the urge to dance over my eggs so I don’t get kicked out of brunch” – *cries*

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“if i have a heart attack and die tonight it was absolutely because of this” – bruhhhhh

“Ma’am, please have a seat! We don’t allow dancing in this restaurant! Have some respect for yourself!”

Me:” – GET IT

“When ya song come on at a restaurant but you’re scared to milly rock” – yooooooo

“Your Chicken Parmigiana will be out shortly sir” – this clip tho

“True Kitchen staff when Black patrons begin to twerk” – lololololol

“you putting Hennessy in everything, including your PORK CHOPS and expecting it not to be a twerking establishment? beloved—” – they shouldn’t knowwwwwwn



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