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There’s a scandal surfacing involving a Nigerian rapper, a model, and the rapper’s fellow rapper girlfriend. Burna Boy is being accused of cheating on his longtime love, British rapper Stefflon Don with a woman named Jo Pearl.

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Pearl, a Nigerian model/businesswoman, has come forward to allege that she and the “Twice As Tall” rapper have been seeing each other for two years even while he and Stefflon were together. She also noted that she thought Burna’s relationship with Stefflon was a “publicity stunt.”

“I knew what was going on [with him and Stefflon] but I thought this relationship was fake anyway, there’s no way this boy’s going to date someone like that,” said Jo Pearl on videos she shared on social media. “Only because of the things he’s told me—with his African heritage, his love for black women, African women. I thought it was a publicity stunt.

“For the past two years we have never stopped seeing each other. It’s just been like the elephant in the room that we choose not to discuss and we just go about things like it doesn’t exist.”

“I just was in love, and I have been in love for two years, and I have been seeing him for two years; I’ve just always been in the background.”

“In the past two years, he has never mentioned the person I see him with on social media  [Stefflon Don] to my face. That person never gets acknowledged, it’s like she doesn’t exist in our world,” Pearl added.


She alleged that the rapper slid into her Instagram DM’s about two years ago and she initially ignored him before replying. After that, however, she met him and they quickly fell in love. She alleged that Burna “basically moved her into his house ” in London and talked about them getting married and having twins.


“I feel like what he made me feel like when I met him made me feel like love at first sight. He just gravitated towards me, he was very sweet,” said Jo.

“His words actually worth his action. Not only will he tell me like he loves me, and other personal things, he actually showed me. This is somebody that wanted me around; this is somebody who I basically moved in with.”

“I was with him everywhere, I was at all his shows, I liked that, for the first time I felt like someone needed me. Usually, I feel like the dependent one, he was so caring, so touchy-feely and so emotional and expressive of his feelings. He was falling for me from what he was showing me, we loved each other.”


“He said, you’re gonna be wife, I’m gonna marry you, you’re gonna have twins, you’re my sweet salone jollof, that’s what he called me.”

She added that she came forward about their alleged relationship despite social media backlash because she grew tired of “protecting him.”

“My sole purpose of doing this video is simply to be heard. I know people are gonna watch and scrutinize me on social media and that’s fine, I’ve come to terms with that. At this point and time, I don’t really care anymore. I feel like two years is such a long time for a person to be hidden, I just feel like I’m going to burst. this has affected me in so many ways. I can’t hold it anymore to protect people who probably wouldn’t protect me if the roles were reversed.”

She also denied that she came forward for clout.

“I’m simply doing this because I’m about to burst and mentally I feel like I’m in a bad place. I don’t want any gain from this.”

You can watch Jo Pearl’s videos in full below.

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don went public with their relationship in January 2019.


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So far neither one of them has spoken on the cheating allegations.

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