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Tisha Campbell has been through so much! The actress recently revealed that after leaving her marriage of 22 years in 2018, she was left with close to nothing. According to Tisha, Duane had been “abusive for years” throughout the marriage, alleging he had hit her with a closed fist and grabbed her in separate instances. A year after their divorce even, Tisha got and dropped a restraining order against her ex after he allegedly abused her.


Money was a huge issue throughout their marriage, with the actress claiming he hid large amounts of money from her, and allegations of a Martin being involved in a bankruptcy scam. Last month, the actress shared with Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier that things were very hard and she had to start over with her sons Xen and Ezekiel.

“Nothing in the bank. Nothing. I had maybe $7 to my name and I was scared. It was like I was starting all over.”

Campbell says her sons, 19 and 11 made it easier to start over because they didn’t care about material items.

“The fact that I did raise children who didn’t care about the big mansion that I had or that we had to start over or any of it,” she said, tearing up again. “Starting over is not always the easiest thing, but it is the necessary thing. It’s a beautiful devastation.”

Dayuum! Clearly reliving the hurt, Tisha couldn’t keep her eyes dry. When Kevin asked Tisha if she had space for love again or dating she wasn’t even with it!

“No. Hell no!”I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I don’t want a relationship so don’t ask me that sh-t no more!” 

This all comes after The Daily Mail shared shocking details about the couple’s $15 million debt and Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in 2016 prior to their split. The two reportedly only had $200 in cash and $173 in an account to their names.

“Martin’ actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, 47, and her actor/husband Duane Martin, 50, have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, explaining they are drowning in over $15 million dollars in debt with only $313,000 in assets between the couple.

The couple filed for bankruptcy on January 7th in US Bankruptcy Court in California.

Their assets include $65,000 in real estate, $248,000 in personal property, totaling $313,000 in assets. But they owe over $15,145,387 in liabilities to creditors

Their joint monthly income is $7,655 but their monthly expenses come out to $16,953. Currently they only have $200 in cash on hand $173 in a credit union.

The couple own a 2014 Range Rover, 1999 Kawasaki Drifter, 2004 Yamaha Scooter, 2016 Range Rover and 2016 Jeep Wrangler.

Other assets include $15,000 in household goods, $2,500 in electronics, $2,500 in sports and hobby equipment, $1,000 in clothing and $2,500 in jewelry.

The documents list the value of their two dogs as $2.

Following the report, the couple reached out to BOSSIP exclusively and said that they were “reorganizing their finances.”

“We got involved with some loans before the crash, couldn’t agree to a settlement with the banks,so we filed to reorganize,”—Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell Martin.

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