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Three men have been arrested after performing a drive-by with AK-47’s for being kicked out of a strip club following their refusal to wear masks.

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Source: (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) / (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

We’re almost a year into the pandemic and people are still refusing to wear face coverings. To make matters worse, we are in the colder months of the year and wearing a face mask is probably more of a blessing than a curse.

From people thinking the virus is a hoax to those who claim to have medical conditions, people will make any excuse to not wear a tiny piece of fabric on their face. Wearing a mask has been proven to protect everyone and slow the spread of COVID-19. In addition, if everyone wears a mask, we can return to normal life faster–which is a win for everyone.

In Anaheim, California, things turned violent this week after a group was booted from a local strip club for not wearing masks. They later returned for revenge in a drive-by shooting, according to NBC Los Angeles.

The suspects, who were kicked out of the Sahara Theatre, at 1210 S. State College Blvd., for refusing to wear masks got into a red Toyota Camry and opened fire on the strip club with an AK-47-style rifle about 1:30 a.m. Oct. 31, according to Anaheim police Sgt. Shane Carringer. Four victims, a mix of patrons and employees, were injured in the shooting, Carringer said. The injuries ranged from minor to moderate.

The suspects were identified as Edgar Nava-Ayala, 34, Juan Acosta-Soto, 20, and Daniel Ocampo Nava, 22, all of Anaheim, Carringer said. Acosta-Soto was driving the Camry during the shooting, Carringer said.

Luckily the victims hurt in the shooting only faced minor to moderate injuries.

All three men now face serious charges including three counts of assault and potential life prison sentences. Instead of wearing the mask, now, they will spend a good bit of their lives behind bars–where COVID-19 has done serious damage. Please…..just wear a mask.




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