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Donald Trump might be leaving office but his racist minions are still here.

Kentucky Attorney General Releases Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Tapes

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An artist named Leo Carson created an amazing bust of Breonna Taylor following the protests that took place in her honor this summer. The sculpture was placed in Latham Square in downtown Oakland, California as a reminder to say her name and continue to fight for justice.

According to NBC News, some a$$hole smashed it into pieces over the weekend after only two weeks of standing.

Here is a closer view of the bust prior to its installation.

Leo Carson, who sculpted the beautiful memorial of Breonna, said it “took him months” to complete the precious work of art out of ceramic. He believes the senseless defacing was an “act of racist aggression.”

“Art matters and these vandals know it,” Carson explained. “That’s why they felt compelled to attack her, and it’s the same reason anti-racist protesters have been tearing down statues of Confederate generals.”

The young artist also shared that he wanted to show support to Taylor and to honor those who have fallen this year to police violence.

“Tragically, there are thousands of victims of police violence that I could have chosen. Breonna’s case, where the only charge against the officers responsible for her killing was for the bullets that missed, damaging the wall behind her, is such a potent illustration of everything wrong with our system that values property over life.”

The Oakland Police Department is investigating the incident as a vandalism act. Meanwhile, the GoFundMe to have a new bust built has well-exceeded it’s $5,000 goal and Carson says he will be donating the excess funds to Breonna’s family. Oh, and the new statue will be much more difficult to destroy as Carson says that he plans to bronze the new one.

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