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Go directly to jail. To not pass “Go”. Do not collect $200.

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This story was already bad enough from what we knew initially but newly-unearthed footage has taken it to a whole ‘nother level!

So, earlier this week musician Keyon Harrold uploaded a cell phone video to his Instagram page of a white woman accosting his 14-year-old son, Keyon Harrold Jr., after accusing him of stealing her iPhone. According to CNN, Harrold and his son were guests at the Arlo SoHo boutique hotel in Manhattan, New York when the crazy KKKaren tried to run down on them in the lobby.

This video sent social media into an uproar as it served as yet another incident of a ignorant-a$$ white woman playing victim while attempting to criminalize a young Black boy. We’ve seen it a million times and it boils our blood each and every one of them.

B-b-b-b-but wait, it gets worse!

Early this morning, NEW video emerged that shows the unidentified Karen physically attacking and tackling the Harrold Jr. as he tried to escape her initial confrontation! Look at this s#!t!

Harrold is from Ferguson, Missouri so he is well aware of how badly this situation could have gone. He is also a renowned trumpeter who has played with the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Maxwell, Common, D’Angelo, Robert Glasper and the list goes on. He and his son’s mother, Kat Rodriguez, held a press conference near NY City Hall to air out their totally valid greivances.

“I want my son to grow up whole. That’s all we want. … I come from Ferguson and this has been my passport to the world,” Harrold said, pointing to his trumpet. “And I can’t even come downstairs in New York City … and just go get brunch without being attacked and wrongfully accused of something.”
Rodriguez also held the hotel accountable for letting the belligerent Becky flee the scene before police could arrive.
Rodriguez, growing emotional at times, added, “I want to thank God because this incident could have ended very different. We have seen this … I pray for the mothers and fathers who have lost their sons to racial injustice.”
With everything we’ve seen this in this hellish year regarding racial injustice and #BlackLivesMatter, it is sadly ironic that days before we turn the page on 2020 that some s#!t like this happens. If you see this thug heffa walking the streets, call the cops.


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