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Remember when we told you about Drew Sidora’s husband Ralph Pittman who got blasted for his shady spying ways? Well, #RHOA fans will surely send him more shade after Sunday’s episode.


A Bravo TV preview for the newest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta features Ralph and Drew going to marriage counseling and Raph explaining some interesting expectations he has for his wife.

According to Ralph, he wants respect from his wife (fair enough) and sex, at least three times a week which is a “very conservative” number of times for him.

Marriage Counselor: “So Ralph, what would be your goals that need to happen in your relationship?” the marriage counselor asks Ralph.

Ralph: “Respect and sex.”

Marriage Counselor: “What’s the preferred frequency for that?”

Ralph: “I would say minimum, minimum three times a week,” he said. “And I think that’s really, truly, very, very conservative.”

Oh really?

The marriage counseling episode comes after Drew admitted that they were seeking professional help after her husband up and left for three days and ultimately blew up on her about it.

Ralph: “You don’t really, truly understand men and how we work, especially Black men. If I leave, it’s really, truly in the spur of the moment because I need to get away, and I’m making the best decision I possibly can make at that moment,” said Ralph. “Staying is worse than me leaving. And I leave because you have no idea about the pressure that I have that’s on my shoulders. I came from nothing. I’m the first generation where I’m trying to create what a true legacy looks like.


Ralph: “Me telling you where I am, what does that solve?”

He then begrudgingly admitted that he “was in Tampa” when he took a sabbatical from his family.


Will YOU be watching #RHOA to see Ralph’s “respect and sex” shenanigans?



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