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During Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers were introduced to a newbie and her seemingly shady spouse.

Drew Sidora

Source: Drexina Nelson / Bravo

Drew Sidora was brought into the fold by Cynthia Bailey who welcomed the actress to ATL with open arms. Unfortunately Drew caught some shade from Kenya Moore and Kenya’s new friend LaToya Ali immediately despite Cynthia’s warm welcome. Kenya wondered why Cynthia “brought strays around” and LaToya Ali said that Drew had a “pet on her head” referring to Drew’s wig.

Drew’s since responded to Kenya and noted that she CAN’T possibly be a stray because her family is still together under one roof—unlike Ms. Moore’s whose marriage to NYC resident Marc Daly is clearly struggling.

“My family is all together under the roof. Girl you good?” wrote Drew.


Speaking of Drew’s family, viewers met Drew’s husband Ralph who she’s been married to for six years and together with for six-and-a-half years. During the show, the couple celebrated their 6-year wedding anniversary with a private chef —but things went left when Ralph told her that they were in a “safe space” to talk about any issues they had.

Drew then “safely” brought up a recent moment when Ralph went missing after an argument for THREE DAYS and didn’t disclose his whereabouts.

The two argued about the shady disappearance and Ralph seemingly gaslit his wife throughout the entire conversation somehow likening his leaving to the stress he feels as a black man.

Ralph: “You don’t really, truly understand men and how we work, especially Black men. If I leave, it’s really, truly in the spur of the moment because I need to get away, and I’m making the best decision I possibly can make at that moment,” said Ralph. “Staying is worse than me leaving. And I leave because you have no idea about the pressure that I have that’s on my shoulders. I came from nothing. I’m the first generation where I’m trying to create what a true legacy looks like.”

[INSERT EPIC SIDE EYE HERE] SIR, respectfully what the HELL are you talking about????

Drew: “You left and I didn’t know where you were. You didn’t take my phone calls, you didn’t talk to me, you didn’t text me back unless it was about the house or about business. Where did you go? You can’t tell me where you went!”

Ralph: “Me telling you where I am, what does that solve?”

Drew then continued to demand to know where her hubby went and Ralph begrudgingly told her “he went to Tampa.”


That’s not all however, Drew also alleged that her husband was spying on her while he was out of town with cameras he hid in their house.

“You have a camera in the house that watches us?” Were you watching us when you were gone?” asked Drew.

Her husband denied it even though Drew saw a picture of CCTV footage on his phone. She then stormed out in tears and called him a “liar” who “invaded her privacy” while Ralph said she was bringing up “stupid issues.”

Someone seems like a piece of work and #RHOA fans aren’t having it. They’re even alleging that Ralph was cheating on Drew while in Tampa.

While we can’t quite put our fingers on it, something’s seriously up in Drew Sidora’s marriage.


Will YOU keep watching #RHOA to see more of newbie Drew and her personal problems???


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