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44th President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama release statements on the riots at the Capitol.


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Yesterday was a lot to digest for everyone in America. The Capitol building was overrun by MAGA protesters who rioted and tried to overturn the 2020 election results. After hours of delay, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory was certified at around 4 a.m. this morning.

Many people have spoken out to denounce Trump for inciting the actions, but their new opinions do not matter as they’ve witnessed the past four years like everyone else. When Michelle and Barack left office, we knew things would be different, bad, terrible, embarrassing–but we didn’t think the Republican party would begin to eat one another from the inside out. Looking back four years feels like more than a decade now and every fear people had when Barack took office happened under the person they elected afterward. The voter fraud claims sadly led to what happened yesterday and the accountability at this point is puzzling as we saw this coming in November of 2016.

Our former first family released touching statements on the events yesterday and reminded us what leadership looks like.

In her emotional and lengthy post, Michelle penned that her heart fell “harder and faster” as she watched Trump supporters storm the highest office in the land.

“I watched as a gang — organized, violent, and mad they’d lost an election — laid siege to the United States Capitol,” she explained. “They set up gallows. They proudly waved the traitorous flag of the Confederacy through the halls. They desecrated the center of American government.”

Michelle went on to call Trump “unpatriotic” and she condemned him for his outrageous behavior and inciting violence.

“Once authorities finally gained control of the situation, these rioters and gang members were led out of the building not in handcuffs, but free to carry on with their days,” Obama said. “The day was a fulfillment of the wishes of an infantile and unpatriotic president who can’t handle the truth of his own failures. And the wreckage lays at the feet of a party and media apparatus that gleefully cheered him on, knowing full well the possibility of consequences..”

Barack also issued a statement about his thoughts on the Capitol riots.

You can read both Michelle & Barack’s full statements below.


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