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Sabrina Parr is already bussing it open and apparently with someone else. Lamar Odom’s ex has been busy on Instagram today, just barely two weeks after Lamar Odom accused her of holding his social media accounts hostage and announcing their breakup.

First, the mom shared a question and answer segment in her IG stories, revealing she’s ‘currently dating.’ Parr wasn’t specific about who it is she’s seeing, but she definitely let it be known she isn’t in the crib, sitting around waiting for Lamar.

Sabrina has sent warning signs in the past about her relationship with Lamar through her Insta-Stories. A few days ago, the fitness guru alluded to her and Lamar’s breakup having to do with his lack of finances.

Hours after confirming that she was dating upon her newfound singledom, Sabrina took part in the #BussitChallenge trending on Instagram and TikTok. Dazzled up in a pair of blue suede boots and a colorful blouse, ‘Brina bussed it open to show everyone what she’s made of.

Are you feeling her twerk moves?

Last week, Lamar issued a response of his own to Sabrina, who he feels is “bitter” because of the breakup. The former NBA star took to Instagram to air out his grievances.

“First, I would like to say that I’m grateful for life experiences and this experience has taught me a valuable lesson and that lesson is to clearly make sure that all individuals that I choose to have in my inner circle are loyal and honest,” Odom shared with his over 729k followers.

“We all have our ups and downs in life. Me and this girl, we shared a moment in time and within that moment in time I found out that we should not be together,” he added.

Lamar went on to wish Sabrina “the best” and even claimed that his former fiance was “in need of help in life..”

The 41-year-old baller ended his update with a slightly petty caption writing, “She bitter, I’m better. Toxic people and relationships ending is a GREAT thing. It’s almost like the trash taking itself out ❤️ Thank God for personal and professional growth.”


What do you think about Lamar and Sabrina’s split? Are they better off separate?


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