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A 90 Day Fiancé couple made jaws drop this season when they shared that although they’re blissfully booed up, they’re open to adding a third person to their partnership.

As previously reported Hazel Cagalitan revealed that she’s bisexual and looking for an American girlfriend to add to her relationship with Tarik Myers. 

The two also revealed that they previously had a girlfriend, a woman named Minty from Thailand, but ultimately broke things off after Hazel admitted that she grew jealous of Minty and Tariq’s relationship.

Later Tarik was seen begrudgingly admitting that he’s been in contact with Minty behind Hazel’s back and checking on her because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

#TARZEL’s clearly moved on from that hiccup because Tarik recently chatted with BOSSIP about their screening process to find a new partner. Tarik who also said he’ll be the “luckiest man on earth breathing” if they ever find their girlfriend also revealed which 90 Day Fiancé’ franchise member he and Hazel would consider dating as a couple.

See his answers below.

When did you know that Hazel was the one?

“When I came out of the airport terminal, she had on this red dress and these red heels and her lips were like glowing red and her family was there—then I was like, yeah look at her. Am I crazy? Yeah, I’m locking this one down, I gotta put handcuffs or whatever on it. That was the moment when I physically saw her and hugged and I said ‘I’m done, I’m off the market now.’”

What was your reaction when Hazel told you she was bisexual?

“I obviously knew way before everyone else, I found out about two or three weeks after we started chatting and she just kind of stopped the conversation. She said, ‘Listen I need to tell you something. What if I told you I like women? What if I told you I like women like I like you?’

After I caught my breath and thought about it, I said that I thought it would be interesting. Then she was like, ‘So would you be okay with that? Are you going to think I’m disgusting?!’ I asked why she would say that. In her past relationship, she had been derided for it [liking women], her ex made her feel bad for it, he called her dirty and said awful things. I think with that bad experience she figured that maybe I should tell him because ‘maybe he won’t want to be with me’ after I tell him that. I told her that it’s actually the opposite. Then the conversation never really came up anymore but it was always stuck in the back of my head. I was more shocked than anyone.

Are women approaching you and Hazel with offers to be your shared girlfriend? 

“They are at us. There is no shortage. On social media it’s every day; ‘Come to California! Come to Oregon! We get it poppin’ here in Miami!’ It’s kind of overwhelming. We’re trying to slow that down and we’re really concentrating on us right now. The DMs, the notifications have been going off quite often.”

What if Hazel wanted a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend? You seem like an open-minded guy…

“I’m absolutely open-minded because that was the question after we were first talking about it. I asked the question off the rip; ‘Can I help you find her [the girlfriend]?’ But then I said ‘Wait a minute, you’re not going to want another man, right?’ She said, ‘No, one man. One woman.’ I established that real early.”

If you had to choose one of the women in the 90 Day franchise for you and Hazel to date, who would you choose?

“I would probably say, Stephanie. She was on Before The 90 Days. That was Hazel chiming in, so she’s driving the car on this one and Stephanie is a safe bet.”


When are you dropping another rap song? 

Tarik: “I got some bullets in the gun, I got some stuff in the pipeline. I’m happy now that they’re showing this little part of me because I want people to see that I’m not doing a TV show to try to be a famous rapper. I started rapping when I was a kid. I came up in Hip-Hop, the whole culture, I used to have the Kid-N-Play box [haircut], the colorful pants and dancing like [MC] Hammer. This is going to be good for people to see that I’m a Hip-Hop artist who ended up doing TV and not someone who did TV and ended up trying to do Hip-Hop. I’ve been in it for a while.”

Will Hazel be in your music video?

Hazel [chiming in via the background]: “YES!”


#TARZEL is currently still together and Hazel’s continuing to bond with Tarik’s daughter Auri. Hazel is also still planning on bringing her 8-year-old son Harry to America so they can all be a family.

90 Day Fiancé airs on TLC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.



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