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We hope they take EVERYTHING.

Elijah McClain Protest

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Some of you may remember the story that we wrote about back in August of last year. Brittney Gilliam and four other women in her family (daughters, nieces, and sisters) were held at gunpoint and handcuffed by police officers in Aurora, Colorado, the same city where police killed Elijah McClain when officers mistook her family vehicle as “stolen.” The incident was captured on Facebook and set social media ablaze.

Now, according to NBC News, Gilliam has filed a civil rights lawsuit against not only the city of Aurora but also several police officials. The suit claims that the offending officers had no probable cause to draw their weapons or handcuff her family and only accosted them because they are Black.

“The deplorable fact that multiple Aurora police officers held innocent Black children handcuffed and at gunpoint, and multiple other officers did not intervene, is evidence of the profound and systematic problem of racism and brutality within APD,” says the lawsuit, which also names five Aurora police officers and Police Chief Vanessa Wilson as defendants.

All this is happening because Aurora cops are too dumb to do their jobs properly. They thought that the Gilliam’s family minivan was “stolen” because it had the same license plate number as a stolen motorcycle. Thing is, that plate was from a completely different state. Apparently, none of these cops know how to read nor recognize state plates. Sounds like they all graduated from Super Troopers University.

Gilliam told authorities that on the day of the scary incident, she and her 17-year-old sister, her 6-year-old daughter, and two nieces were out trying to find a nail salon to which they discovered shortly after was closed. The family then decided to search for another location on Gilliam’s phone. That’s when she says police approached her car and ordered that the girls get out of the vehicle. Gilliam explained that the officers did not share why they were being detained and placed handcuffs on her and her family.

Awful, just downright awful.


We. Hope. They. Take. EVERYTHING.



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