Hillary’s Accepting Hand-Outs

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

In a show of integrity and good faith, Barack Obama is attempting to help Hillary Clinton crawl her way out of the hole that she foolishly dug herself into:

“Sen. Barack Obama has asked members of his National Finance Committee to help former rival Sen. Hillary Clinton retire the debt from her failed presidential campaign. Obama and Clinton ran a protracted race for the Democratic presidential nomination that left Clinton with a campaign debt of more than $22 million when she bowed out this month.

Obama asked [the members] to contribute to Clinton’s campaign if they were so inclined, but he did not direct them to do so.”

Could you imagine Hillary doing such a thing if the shoe was on the other foot? You’ll find no sympathy for Hillary from us. It serves her right for continuing with her campaign despite the fact that she was getting stomped. This sounds very peculiar indeed.


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  • St. Boner



    i saw this on cnn last night .. obama national fiance committe offering to pay $10 mill of the $12 million debt for her campaign. this is a bith-ass move, and further supports he will do the punk thing and put her on his ticket for nov and this biatch will undermine his authority every chance she gets

  • dddd

    u suckkk!!! arggghh 2nd

  • K

    Let her pay for it with that 110 mil they are worth! it’s not like she’s broke. I have NO sympathy either! Maybe if she had stopped at a respectable time…but nah that’s not HRC’s style- or lack there of would be better to say!

  • http://www.anythingblack.net www.anythingblack.net

    Lol damn howd she make that money

  • iluvprada



    not to mention the clintons are a bunch of thugs, just like the JFK assasination was an inside job, im sure the clintons will snuff obama out if he gets the presidency

  • Al-Anon

    Ladies and Gents,

    This is a simple business exchange. 10-12 million dollars for 18 million voters and Hillary’s endorsement. Not a bad deal.


    The Clintons have money…but Obama needed to at least make a show of being a team player.It was smart on his part.

  • alb

    Obama isn’t doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He needs Hillary’s supporters (both voters and financial supporters) to win the election. He is playing the game.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Barack is the man. This is a good look.

  • Wanjiru

    …Sen. Obama, I’m your biggest supporter and will continue to be…

    ….however, so sorry I’m going to have to pass on this one…

    …HRC’s campaign debt will not see a dime of my hard-earned money, EVER…

    …I hope other people will agree with me NOT TO HELP HRC PAY OFF her campaign debt…

    …hell, I’ve got debt up to my eyes to pay off myself!…


  • topeka

    most my horsey friends on _RIDERLOVE.COM_ support Obama, still some favor Hilary…so we’re gonna keep our eyes peeled!!!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    they need to help me pay off these damn college loans

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  • Kish

    You better preach! Let the church say “Amen”.

  • realness

    It shows that you all know nothing about politics, and just jumping on a a bandwagon, no matter what obama need the Clintons. President Clinton was the last democratic president, so it;s only right that they get together and help one another out. I’m voting obama, but just b/c we are all behind him doesnt mean that everyone else is, the Clinton’s are a force to be reckon with, and before Obama, we all were on there side too. Yall didn;t say anything about Obama not taking the finance money that he said he would agree to if his opponent did. So look at all the facts and then talk.

  • http://militarysoulmate.com MilitarySoulMateDOT

    I am not the last one poster!! yeah!

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  • http://militarysoulmate.com MilitarySoulMateDOT

    Obama will run to the president!@

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  • http://www.myspace.com/mistikay GreenEyes

    Hey y’all…its been a minute!! Bree, JustMe… all the ladies…M Daddy!! Whats up

    I had to comment on this tho, He HAS to do this.. he needs her support to win. AND the b!tch probably made him agree to do it before she would convince her punk ass supporters to vote for him. I can’t stand that b!tch..

  • Lou in the Chi


    you ain’t never lied. It just amazes how dumb some people can be. How they can overlook the big picture. Let your feelings for Hillary go. She is no longer the enemy people. Politics is a dirty game and they all must play to win. Including Barack which is why he reneged on his promise.

  • jj

    Are people on here just clueless…..why would she go into more debt, spending money to go around trying to get Obama elected and convincing her supporters to vote for him without getting some of her debt paid off….I’m No Hillary fan but he absolutely needs her and bill’s support if he wants to be president so he’s going to do what is necessary and obvious to get thier full support…..Get a clue “STANS”

  • Hannibal

    Hillary Clinton should be the president!

  • Lauren's Here

    First off Hillary is NOT in debt, her campaign was, so what does she want money for now?? What is she running for now?

  • Wanjiru

    Hannibal: Hillary Clinton should be the president!


    ..yeah, of Tasmania…


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