Funniest (And Messiest) Tweets from Lifetime's Wendy Williams Biopic

Funniest (And Messiest) Tweets from Lifetime’s Wendy Williams Biopic

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Did you watch? (Of course you did)

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Everyone’s buzzing over Lifetime’s entertaining ‘Wendy Williams: The Movie’ that revealed all sorts of messy shenanigans and pearl clutch-worthy moments from her wild life story that sent social media into a frenzy.

The movie (that could’ve been longer or split into multiple parts) exposed several things: Wendy’s early life in New Jersey, her ex-husband’s relationship with his mistress who lived less than 10-miles away from Wendy’s house, Wendy’s 90s drug use, Wendy nearly being jumped by Bad Boy group Total and much, much more.

In a pleasant surprise, Ciera Payton (who played “Wendy Williams”) absolutely NAILED every scene as the spicy media maven who gave her advice for the crowd-pleasing role.

“I found out that I got the movie, and then we had to schedule the call with Wendy. I was so nervous because I’ve never played a person that was a real-life person and still alive,” said Payton in an interview with HollywoodLife.

“This is a person a lot of people in this world know. They can click a button on the internet or just turn her on and watch her like that. It was very, very scary and very, very intimidating. But I also just felt like a giddy little girl. I was scared because I was wondering what she was going to ask me, but she was so pleasant and so wonderful.

It was a phone call, but I really felt like she was just holding my hand through the process. I’m sure that she felt like the pressure from the fans and just in general that I would be facing stepping into her shoes.

But she just told me, ‘Hey, get your head up high, your shoulders back, and be confident. Forget everything else. Just get in there and just do your thing.’ She was like, ‘The big thing that I just want when you’re portraying me is to just keep your head up. Hold your head up high.’ I feel like that’s the beat that she goes by.”

What was your fave moment of the movie? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and messiest) tweets on the flip.

“I’m not letting NOBODY that goes out in public like this!…cheat on me” – the stocking cap tho

“They ain’t have to do my man @cthagod like this” – *cackles*

“Im crying” – THIS FACE

“same energy!” – wowwwwww

“Not “Kevin and Wendy 4ever” on the garage door” – real love


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“Eric B said make it, make it clap to this” – wildddd

“So I had to google Eric B and….” – ah man

“Before I had YOU, I had ME!!” – A WORD

“To life after divorce” – Wendy’s bounce back game skrong

“Total waiting outside Wendy job like” – haaaa

“Wendy must have brought her wigs in too! Take notes Tyler Perry!” – we love a good wig budget

“when my family asks why i’m single, next holiday season, i’m gonna put this movie on because WOW.” – Wendy went THROUGH IT

“Really wish this was a miniseries!!! It’s too fast. I want more details” – SAME


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