Shaggy Talks About "Historic" Cheetos Commercial Airing During SuperBowl

Shaggy Weighs In On New “It Wasn’t Me” Cheetos Commercial Debuting During Super Bowl LV [VIDEO]

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Did y’all know Shaggy’s classic hit “It Wasn’t Me” celebrates its 20th anniversary this year?

REO309/26/05114432Rick Eglinton Toronto Star.Rapper Shaggy talks to the star about his latest album.

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The song was his first number one hit, and now, thanks in large part to that hit, Shaggy will make his Super Bowl commercial debut after teaming up with Cheetos to create the ultimate “It Wasn’t Me” remix to help fans respond when caught orange-handed after sneaking bites of their loved ones Cheetos. The commercial, which also features Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis airs on television for the first time during tonight’s Super Bowl. We spoke to Shaggy about the big news this week as he reveled in the excitement.

“There’s been a lot of people hitting us up, congratulating us, a lot of people saying it’s very funny,” Shaggy told BOSSIP. “I think it’s a good look all around. It’s good to do a Superbowl commercial, but it’s even better when it’s a product that you really like and a product that’s in my household anyway.”

Shaggy revealed he’s a big fan of the brand’s Crunch Pop mix, which features Cheetos popcorn mixed with Crunchy Cheetos.

“I think that combination is a nice piece of work,” Shaggy told BOSSIP. “I had the opportunity to have myself some samples. I have friends in high places.”

We also asked Shaggy about the process of remixing his 20-year-old hit for Cheetos’ commercial.

“The lyrics came from the guys at Cheetos, we collaborated on those,” Shaggy told BOSSIP. “They knew what they wanted to say on it. All I did was correct a couple of things because I was obviously spitting in patois, so it has to flow right and roll off right. I thought it was great.”

Shaggy also said it was a pleasure working with married actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis on the ad.

“They are the poster child of ‘You marry your best friend.'” Shaggy said. “The chemistry between both of them, just how they were going at each other and laughing and snapping, they just threw me in the mix with all of that. I was in their lane, so I was a student. I was like a sponge, watching them, taking my cues from them, trying to make sure my timing was right. And it shows why “That 70’s Show” was such a big hit because of that chemistry between both of them. They brought that sauce to the commercial.”

Check out the commercial below:


Gotta love it. It’s pretty amazing that Shaggy’s hit is still opening doors for him.

“What’s so amazing that I wrote this song 20 years ago and it took me on an amazing ride and it’s 20 after again and we’re on another amazing ride,” Shaggy told BOSSIP.

We couldn’t end our conversation with Shaggy without asking for his Super Bowl pick, but it turns out he’s not picking sides in tonight’s bout.

“I’m a little in between,” Shaggy told BOSSIP. “The Chiefs are defending champions and I’m a fan, but I kind of like what Brady did, especially a guy like me, who is, you know, when you’ve been doing music for so long and people are like, ‘Oh you can’t do this and you can’t do that.’ Brady was like ‘Why can’t I?’ He did his thing and there’s a lot of people who were thinking ‘Oh it’s Belichick,’ but it’s not Belichick, it’s him. In a lot of ways just by going all the way to the Super Bowl he’s already won, so if he wins it’s a bonus. The Chiefs are pretty good too. It’s historic in so many ways. It’s historic because it’s a pandemic. It’s historic because it’s home field advantage for the first time. It’s historic because Brady made some historic moves and it’s historic because Shaggy is doing a Cheetos commercial for the Crunch/Pop mix. It’s historic, it’s a great time.”



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