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The woman the Internet’s dubbed #GorillaGlueGirl might soon be free from her huge hair mishap!

As previously reported after a hospital visit, tea-tree oil, Acetone wipes, saline water, and various other failed remedies, Tessica Brown and her super sealed scalp are getting some assistance from a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Michael Obeng of Beverly Hills’ Miko Plastic Surgery told TMZ that he wants to help Tessica and he’s footing the bill for a glue removal procedure he estimates will cost $12,500. According to Dr. Obeng, although he’s never had a case quite like Tessica’s he’s “confident” he can help the Lousiana woman by using medical-grade glue remover.

Tessica will reportedly fly to California Wednesday for the procedure that could take between 2 to 3 days.

Ahead of her visit with the surgeon, Tessica’s getting flooded with support.

Her GoFundMe that had a goal of $1,500 has raised more than $13,000 in a single day and it’s surging with glue removal tips from concerned citizens.

“Use lemon juice and olive oil not those chemicals!! Cover [sic] eyes. Be blessed!” wrote one.

“I am sorry to hear about your bad luck,” wrote another. “Have you tried WD-40 oil…it removes super glues from fabrics and panelling[sic]. You cold[sic] test it first and see how it goes. Stay strong you’ll find a way out! ❤️”

Influencer LaLa Milan who parodied Tessica’s hair struggles on Instagram has the top donation of $500.

Tessica is also still reportedly weighing legal options against Gorilla Glue for their “misleading” label that doesn’t mention that the product shouldn’t be used on hair; instead only warning against Gorilla Glue use on “eyes, skin or clothing.”

After Gorilla Glue issued a formal statement yesterday on Tessica’s predicament, people encouraged the brand to “do the right thing” and “help her.” Several suggested a sponsorship and/or a cash sum for the TikToker whose video has over 2 million views.


What do YOU think about the latest “Gorilla Glue Girl” update??? Hopefully, she’ll be relieved from this coiffure crisis soon.


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