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Drew Sidora KNOWS people were stunned to see that blow up between her and her husband, Ralph Pittman, on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and she’s issuing an update.


Drew Sidora

Source: Drexina Nelson / Bravo


As previously reported while celebrating their anniversary, Drew and Ralph discussed Ralph up and leaving for THREE DAYS after an argument. Things quickly went left and after Drew continuously questioned his whereabouts, Ralph finally confessed to “going to the beach” in Tampa, Florida to clear his head.

According to Drew, that big blowup happened on her very first day of filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta and it was the last thing she wanted to play out in front of cameras.

“I did not want to show that part of my marriage,” said Drew during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “But the one thing about my husband is what you see is what you get. As he explained it, we’ve been counseling, he reached a breaking point. There was COVID, we were in the house all day together, our kids are in the house 24/7, I had three Achilles surgery so he was my nurse at one point and you got my momma living in the house. It was a lot on him and at the time I was just like ‘You left, I didn’t know where you were’ and that was so hurtful to me and my mom had a front-row seat to it all and she’s just adding her two cents.”

She added however that her husband’s unceremonious exit was his coping mechanism and while it’s “not an excuse” Ralph is still committed to their union. As they continue to go to couple’s counseling they’re in a much more peaceful place.

“It was one of the biggest storms we’ve gone through in our marriage,” said Drew.” But I am happy that he’s committed and I committed to go to counseling, and what I learned is he reached a breaking point. Some people turn to alcohol, he turned to the beach. He turned to Tampa! That was his vice, not that I agree with it and not that it’s an excuse. I also understand if you saw when we were with the counselor that he ran away from home when he was younger. So it’s not so much that he was doing it to me, it’s what he knows to do. It’s his coping mechanism and he’s having to heal so what I tell people that’s in marriage, marriage is hard but sometimes it’s about the baggage that you bring to the relationship that you need to unpack and work on and that’s what we’re doing. “

Drew also addressed her husband’s comments that he “expects respect and sex” at least three times a week.

According to Drew who chatted with BOSSIP from the new home she and her hubby purchased together, she’s on her way to upping their couple’s coitus to FOUR times a week. She also noted that she’s getting tips from the likes of Dr. Heavenly Kimes of “Married To Medicine” fame.

“I’ve been picking up tips all around the city,” said Drew during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I got with Dr. Heavenly[and] ya girl has been hitting three days a week, I actually might be on target to hit four, I’ve been taking my vitamins. That’s the thing, I have three kids and sometimes you get tired. You have to respect that and that’s what he needs, and actually, when he gets what he needs ladies, I get what I need. It really works like that and I never knew that. But most importantly what I’m learning in counseling is when you do your individual work and you work on your past traumas, you really are better for your mate. As long as he’s doing what he’s supposed to do I’ll do what I’m supposed to do.”


Check out Drew Sidora on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap with Deputy Editor Dani Canada below. Be on the lookout for more exclusives from the interview!



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