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Just because she’s not “royal” doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have power…


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The scandal surrounding Oprah’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has literally set the global media ablaze. Charges of racism, gaslighting, lack of protection, suicide, and mental health have all converged to create what some British newspapers are calling “the worst royal crisis in 85 years”.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the reactions to the interview and accusations have made the situation that much more combustible. A plethora of apathetic Anglo-Saxons has offered their mayo-based opinion on the subject further inflaming the vitriol of those of us with the good sense to know that everything Meghan and Harry said has absolute legitimacy.

Leading that pack of empty-souled soup cookies is Piers Morgan, the former host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Piers has been a douchebag for decades now but his latest show of ignorance and arrogance has led to his departure from his own show. According to TMZ, Pierxit, as it’s being called on Twitter, might be deeper than Piers simply “throwing a wobbly”. Word is that Meghan Markle herself contacted Pier’s bosses at ITV to file a complaint not only about his personal attack on her but also his dismissive attitude toward mental health and her suicidal thoughts.

Meghan expressed that she felt that airing this type of rhetoric could be immensely damaging to those Brits who are also struggling with mental health and thoughts of self-deletion. It’s not clear whether or not her call influenced Piers to chunk the deuce but we find it hard to believe that he was unaware of her communication with his superiors.

Moreover, TV data tracking service USwitch contacted BOSSIP directly to drop some stats on us about the number of complaints that came in following Piers attack on Meghan and the complaints that GMB received last year.

According to USwitch, GMB was the #1 highest complained about show in the UK from 2016-2021 with 72,392 filed reports. That number accounts for 32.5% of all Ofcom complaints (174,814). Of the 72,392 complaints, 41,000 of them were filed yesterday alone.

We say all that to say, regardless of whether Piers quit or was forced to quit, those types of stats will get you fired every day, all day, and twice on Sunday.


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