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If there’s one thing Apryl Jones is gonna do, it’s speaking her mind!

The reality star has been the topic of several conversations in the past, and she’s very aware of the criticism she gets on social media in regard to her personal life, but that hasn’t stopped her from living her BEST life as a bachelorette. The 32-year-old mother has recently been rumored to be dating music mogul Dr. Dre, leaving her vulnerable to much chitter-chatter over both of their scandalous relationship histories. People have been speculating “why” and “how” Apryl snagged the billionaire amid his divorce from Nicole Young.

In a recent live stream, Apryl seemingly went off about people trying to negate her Blackness while playing down that she’s actually a dope person. We have no clue what comment set her off, but Apryl set haters straight one time:

People don’t want me to be Black because they’re just so mad that certain people talk to me and they’re like “she’s not Black, we have to create this scenario that she’s an exotic. Cuz guy just literally should not like her. NO! Guys like me, sweetheart. And the reason they don’t like you it’s because you’re negative and you’re nasty and you’re a dumb b*tch. Because you just can’t let go of the anger and the emotions.”

Apryl continued, giving the miserable people coming for her advice on being likable by their own men:

“But if you could just be a nice person and have a great energy, guys can gravitate towards you. It’s because I’m a great dope person. You gotta know that. Let me tell you something. You really wish you could move and maneuver and find the people in my life. You guys so mad that I — whew! It’s beautiful, it’s a powerful thing. I’m powerful.”

Apryl is Tawaiianese and African American. Do you think her looks play a role in the men she chooses and vice versa?

Hit play to hear her full rant below captured by The ShadeRoom.



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