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WTF was he thinking?!?

Charlottesville Survivors Protest McAuliffe Book Talk

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

With all the news of anti-Asian hate crime in and around Atlanta last week, this particular story might have not made the news cycle because the emphasis was rightfully placed on the victims. That said, as someone who is running for one of the highest political offices in America, Terry McAuliffe’s shenanigans cannot go undocumented. McAuliffe is the former governor of Virginia and he is looking to make a comeback in the upcoming election as a candidate running against the potential first Black woman governor in United States history, Jennifer Caroll Foy.

Last Tuesday, news broke about the spa murders that targeted Asian businesses. The next day, Wednesday, was St. Patrick’s Day. Obviously, there were a whole lot of people who weren’t in the mood for green beer and four-leaf clovers, but that didn’t stop McAuliffe from trying to check off all the boxes during a public Zoom session. Hey, Terry, here’s a pro-tip, try not to offer your superficial “I’m sorry” while also sipping a celebratory brew. Kinda sends a mixed message…

After doing some digging into who the hell Terry McAuliffe is, we stumbled upon this interesting tidbit of information in a CNN article from 2001 in which Black Democratic National Convention delegate Alvin Holmes demanded the McAuliffe resign from his DNC Presidential candidacy because he had referred to African Americans as “coloreds.”

Alvin Holmes, an Alabama state representative, said McAuliffe answered a question about the practice of racial profiling by saying that he didn’t believe “colored people” should be arbitrarily stopped by law enforcement.

Virginia, if you have the choice between Jennifer Carrol Foy, a Black woman who has survived and fought for everything she has, and…this guy. The choice really isn’t a choice, is it?

Peep this interview that Jennifer Carrol Foy gave to NBC Peacock’s Zerlina Maxwell just last month that outlines her policies, beliefs, ideas for the future of Virginia.



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