Macy Gray Said Denzel Gave Her Acting Advice On The Set Of "Training Day"

Macy Gray Reveals She Took “Training Day” Role Just To Get A Photo With Denzel For Her Mom [VIDEO]

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Want to hear a funny story?

Macy Gray and Denzel Washington

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On Thursday, March 25th’s edition of the nationally syndicated talk show, “Daily Blast Live,” co-host Lindsey Granger chats with Grammy Award-winning artist Macy Gray about new music, her role in the recently released horror film Phobias, and advice she received from actor Denzel Washington while filming ‘Training Day’ twenty years ago.

In the interview with “Daily Blast Live,” Macy Gray revealed she initially wasn’t sure about acting in “Training Day” when Antoine Fuqua offered her the role, but once she found out Denzel Washington would star she agreed, with the primary goal of getting a photo with him for her mom. Funny enough, she ended up asking for acting advice from the Oscar winner.

[After being told that Denzel Washington was cast Training Day] “That’s when I signed up for the movie because I wanted to get a picture with him for my mom. That was my entire inspiration for doing that movie. I had no interest in acting.”

“I got to the set and I realized ‘Oh my god I don’t know what to do!’ So I asked Denzel, I went to his trailer. And he said ‘Just do yourself as your character.’ You know, which is basically what he is a master at!”

Check out the clip below:


That’s kind of wild right? Can you imagine what Denzel must’ve thought when she knocked on his trailer door? “Hi Denzel, can I get a photo for my mom… and some acting advice?” Pure comedy!

The full episode airs today. Check your local listings for the time and channel at Daily Blast Live.



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