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News of Lady Gaga’s dog walker being shot and robbed on the streets of Hollyweird shocked a great many of us not only because of the violent nature of the crime but also just because it’s so…random. You’d think that being a dog walker comes with certain occupational hazards like stepping in s#!t or maybe being attacked by an overzealous pomeranian but not gunfire.

Fortunately, Ryan Fischer survived the attack, and eventually, Gaga’s dogs were returned to her unharmed. That said, surviving something that traumatic comes with a price both physically and mentally.

A new report viz TMZ states that Ryan has been released from the hospital after spending a month on the mend. He updated concerned fans of his condition with a video posted to his Instagram page. Initially, he and the medic staff believed he would have a speedy recovery. Psych. As it turns out, bullets in your chest can make proper health very complicated.

After one of his lung continued to collapse, Ryan had to be taken into surgery have parts of it removed!

Things got so real for Ryan that doctors and nurses weren’t entirely sure that he would actually survive.

It’s good to see that Ryan will make a full recovery. As for the the $500,000 that Gaga offered as reward for finding her pups, Koji and Gustav, the cops have told her not to pay a single red cent until they finish their investigation on the woman who miraculously found them.



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