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Charlamagne the god, Derrick Jaxn

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Radio and tv personality Charlamagne laid it on thick with his opinion of the whole Derrick Jaxn debacle that unfolded on social media last week, and boy did he tell no lies! After making the disgraced husband his Donkey of The Day on The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne called out the self-proclaimed dating guru again on an episode of Brilliant Idiots with Andrew Schulz for basically being a hypocrite.

“He literally sh-ts on men. It’s like a level of narcissism where he purposely doesn’t try to understand where another man is coming from as if he’s never made any mistakes whatsoever. And then he mischaracterizes people as well and he does it all for the benefit of his own pocket. So what you’re witnessing right now…is all of that energy coming back,” he said. “One entity that you can’t fool is God. You can’t fool the universe. What you give to the universe, the universe will give back to you. The universe knows when you’re full of sh-t. the universe knows! You may can fool me, you can fool the public, you can fool your wife – the universe knows, bruh! So when you out there saying you don’t have no sympathy for men that cheat on their wives? Guess what you’re experiencing right now Derrick? No sympathy.”

Did he lie?? After explaining why Jaxson appears to be a hypocrite, Charlamagne also came to the defense of his wife who caught stray jokes because of his infidelity.

“You put her in the line of fire. We all know how cruel social media can be. She had nothing to do with this,” he said. “You’re using her as a human shield and she had nothing to do with this. She wasn’t there with you when you was cheating so she shouldn’t be there for the apology and clean up and all of that. You gotta hold yourself accountable.”




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