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By now, you’ve probably caught up on the messy Derrick Jaxn scandal that exploded when he confessed to cheating on his lovely wife despite building an entire platform off telling women to avoid men like him.

This not-very-shocking saga comes after years of the “relationship expert” charming his flock of followers with ‘good guy’ relationship perspectives until a woman named Candice De Medeiros came forward about their affair.

On Unwine With Tasha K, De Medeiros said she has known Jaxn since 2009 after connecting on Twitter.

De Medeiros claimed that Jaxn flew her to Miami for a romantic weekend last July while his wife was allegedly in Colorado with her family.

Jaxn told De Medeiros that he was separated from his wife which, of course, wasn’t true.

De Medeiros, who lives in Orlando, said she went to his home in Atlanta, Georgia, and saw moving boxes which further lead her to believe that he and his wife were separating.

It wasn’t until he told her they could only communicate on Snapchat that she became suspicious and starting asking more questions about his marriage.

A few days later, she realized she was blocked on all social media platforms.

Naturally, Jaxn clapped back with a video of his own denying the cheating rumors that he later admitted are true in another video alongside his wife Da’Naia Jackson.

In the disingenuous video, he confessed to cheating with multiple women–sometimes while speaking in third-person–and even promoted one of his books.

“Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage… I’m talking about as serious as sex to sexual flirtation and meeting up and that kind of thing,” he admitted.

His wife (who looked like she’d had better days) chimed in and explained why she decided to give him a second chance in a cringey moment that fueled petty memes for hours.

At some point, we’re sure she expected the internet to take her side but she caught most of the jokes for staying with Derrick and letting him use her as a prop who (for reasons unknown) wore a bonnet/hat (hatbonnet?) in the now infamous confession video.

Where do you think this saga goes from here? Tell us down below and peep the messiest tweets and memes on the flip.

“Sis we got you! 😂 The internet took more care for Derrick’s wife than he did SMH He did her dirty twice. When he cheated and when he asked her to sit up there and hold his hand with not a bra in sight. Poor lil tink tink” – the world is so cold

Twitter does Kerry Washington soooo dirty *cackles*

“Interview with the bonnet #DerrickJaxn” – *faints*

“Derrick Jaxn’s wife watching him get into the car to do another video” – *weeps*

“This is how Derrick jaxn’s wife should have responded” – welpppp

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“Derrick jaxn in his car warning women about certain men” – *cackles obnoxiously*

LOLOLOLOLOL-100% accurate

“Someone in some FB group edited #DerrickJaxn’s wife and can we guess get her to see this so it inspires her to glow tf up and leave his dingy a** in that car of his… ol’ pastor on the go head a**” – PASTOR ON THE GO

“Everybody watching Derrick Jaxn wife just sitting there holding his hand” – *YELLS*

“Derrick Jaxn wife got on that video just like this” – not Mrs. Berenstain!

“Derrick Jaxn dogging his wife and profiting off lonely women” – this clip tho

“Welp….” – the cruel reality of this entire saga

“Derrick Jaxn waking his wife up to make his apology video on Instagram” – mannnnn


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