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You muthaf***in’ right!


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The Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd has been triggering in several different ways and it’s only day 3 of a case that is expected to go on for weeks. Yesterday, we watched as several underaged witnesses gave heartbreaking testimonies about what they saw on the afternoon of May 25, 2020. Much of it was very difficult to listen to. Children should not have to process this type of trauma in front of the world. Not because they are incapable of testifying but because George Floyd shouldn’t be dead.

That said, children aren’t the only ones who had to process extreme emotions. The adults who had to witness the state of Minnesota murder a man for absolutely no reason. Whereas children might lean toward sadness under these circumstances, grown folks who can better understand the history behind such a murder lean toward anger. Sadly, there is also significant historical trauma behind Black people being labeled as such. As if, feeling the emotion of anger makes one uncontrollable or beyond logic.

This is the tactic that Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney Eric Nelson tried to use against Williams in order to hopefully get Chauvin acquitted of cold-blooded murder. Williams was having NONE of it.


Shout out to Donald Williams II. God bless that brotha. For real. We’ve all been there at one point or another where a white person wants to make us out to be irrational or “wilding” in the case of The Exonerated Five.

Have you been watching the trail so far? What are your thoughts?



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