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That kind of money will definitely get you a Princess Toadstool in your life.

'Super Mario' 30th Birthday

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Ladies, if you’re giving your man a hard time about his passion for “childish” video games, then this next story is for you.

If you were a child of a certain era then you remember the pandemonium that broke out in households all across the world with the Nintendo Entertainment System hit toy store shelves back in 1983. It seemed that almost overnight that the Mario Bros, Mario, and Luigi, were the biggest phenomenon of all time, and even to this day they remain one of the most indelible symbols of not just video games but of pop culture at large. They’re kind of a big f***ing deal.

We say all that to say if merchandise bearing the brothers’ faces can go for a pretty penny and if the merchandise is pricey then just imagine how much someone would pay to have an OG copy of the game that changed gaming forever. You won’t have to imagine for long because a new report in CNN Business has the exact figure of what that game is worth in 2021. According to the article, an unnamed buyer scooped up the classic cartridge from Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas for the Super Mushroom price of $660,000 this past Friday.

Get this. The original owner bought it as a Christmas gift almost 35 years ago back in 1986. Somehow, even during that era of insane Nintendo hype, he never gave it out.

“It stayed in the bottom of my office desk this whole time since the day I bought it,” said the unidentified seller in the release. “I never thought anything about it.”
Can you imagine being the little kid whose name was on the “nice” list and was supposed to get this game and somehow ended up on the “naughty” list and was never given it? There isn’t enough Lawry’s, Morton’s, or Tony Chachere’s in the world to properly display our level of saltiness but we digress. The game was unopened and still in the original shrinkwrapping a rarity for that time because most games came with just a sticker seal on the box.
The $660,000 sale price obliterates any previous records for sales of Super Mario Bros. games. The biggest being a 1985 copy of the same game that went for $114,000 last July. As you can see, it didn’t even scratch the surface.
That’s a WHOLE lot of cartridge-blowing cash right there. Hope it was worth it.


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