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When you hear people, usually of the right-wing persuasion, complain about “culture wars” in American society it’s either because they are white and are triggered by the inevitable browning of the country or they’re Black and wish they were more like white people. Just do a Twitter or Facebook search of that term and see what comes up. Those folks have a tendency to resemble people just like South Carolina Republican Rep. Vic Dabney. There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of this man but after reading this story it is unlikely that you will forget him.

Rep. Dabney voted against a recently passed Hate Crime bill that has taken YEARS to become law in The Palmetto State. Dabney took to Facebook to explain he isn’t in favor of hate crimes laws and he reasoning is f***ing pathetic. Here’s what he said in his now-deleted post according to WISTV:

Dabney said in the post, which he has since deleted, that he would not vote for the Hate Crime Bill because he had spent his 63 years “watching our society give in to the Liberals…. and it’s never enough.”

He said he feels his way of life has “been vilified” by Democrats.

“It’s our whiteness and our ‘straightness’ that keeps getting in the way,” Dabney wrote. “No matter how much we give in to them, we just can’t seem to get it right.”

Awwwww. Poor, straight, white people have it SO hard in Am-e-we-cuh. *pouts*

This b!t¢ha$$ response prompted Democratic Rep. John King to respond with equally fervent indignation:

“I am shocked, appalled, and disgusted by the words of Representative Dabney. His statement was overtly racist and deeply offensive to me, my colleagues, and all South Carolinians who believe our elected officials must do better.

King went on to suggest that Dabney should resign from office immediately. There is probably zero chance of that happening but we definitely feel him.


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