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Ku Klux Klansman and a burning cross in Scotland, Connecticut in 1980

Source: Owen Franken – Corbis / Getty

Please be safe out here, ladies and gentlemen. Protect yourself. There are people who mean us harm, especially Black women.

Althea Bernstein, a biracial woman, was in her car through the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, on the way to her brother’s house, minding her business in the midst of protests and uprisings that lead to the toppling of some racist a$$ statues. When she pulled to a stop light she said she heard someone shouting racist slurs at her. Then four white men approached her, doused her in lighter fluid and threw a flaming lighter into her car.

She would end up in the emergency room with nurses literally scrubbing skin off her face and neck. Althea will need plastic surgery to fully heal. This is what we are dealing with in 2020 and have been for hundred of years at this point.

According to WSET, the FBI, alongside local police, are now investigating to find the men who did this hate crime to her. Video cameras in the area are being pored over to find evidence of the men’s identities. Last week, Althea appeared on Good Morning America to share her harrowing tale and speak directly to her racist attackers.

Peep the video below.


After hearing about this story, Meghan Markle reached out to Althea to offer words of condolence and encouragement.



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