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Joseline's Cabaret

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“Double Homicide” has been living rent-free in people’s minds this week after a preview clip from “Joseline’s Cabaret” went viral online and now the executive producer/star is explaining why she barely minced as the clip was being recorded.

Joseline Henandez spoke exclusively with Madame Noire, explaining the mood and circumstances in the scene.

MadameNoire: I know you saw yesterday that you went viral after the trailer for “Joseline’s Cabaret: Atlanta” came out. A woman was telling her story about abortion and another woman said, ‘double homicide.’ You were there in that moment as it was actually happening what did you make of that?

Joseline: At the time, we had just come in the house. I had just let the ladies come into the house after their long travels. Everybody was kind of tired and I was tired too. I didn’t really hear that part when I was there on set. The one young lady who was telling her story, she was so destroyed and crying that I was just giving her all my attention. I was still kind of shocked by her story. I was still processing everything.

So, I don’t know how I felt. It was so many girls in the background just talking. I had to figure out what happened. But at the moment, I was just like, ‘Whoa.’

I knew that if I allowed the ladies to come into the house, to join Joseline’s Cabaret, and to be in this performance with me, and trust me, I also have to let be who they are and say what they need to say.


Does Joseline’s face make a lot more sense to you now after reading her explanation?

She also revealed how she feels she’s different from Mona Scott Young, executive producer of “Love And Hip Hop” and all of its franchises, whom she’s been [SUPER] critical of in the past. 

MN: You have been critical of the way Mona Scott Young has run her operation on “Love and Hip Hop.” What are some things you’re doing differently so that no one feels exploited while they’re doing your show?

Joseline: Where I’m so different from Mona or any other producer is that I keep it real with my ladies. I let them know what it is. I don’t lie to them. They know what it is from the get go. I have a personal relationship with my ladies. I feel like nobody from “Love and Hip Hop” or especially not that lady ever had with her talent.

I kick it with my talent. We go out to eat. I know them, they know me. It ain’t no foo foo, cah cah, no bullcrap.

Then again, Mona’s not an owner. She doesn’t own any shows. I own my own show. So you’re already a little different when you have a little bit more at stake.

“JOSELINE’S CABARET: ATLANTA” SEASON 2 premieres Sunday, April 18 on Zeus.

“Joseline’s Cabaret” is created, and executive produced by Joseline Hernandez, with Zeus CEO Lemuel Plummer, Zeus President Jason L. Tolbert, LJ Plummer and Mark Scheibal for Zeus Networks, along with, music producer Ballistic Beats, and co-executive producer Tameka Stevenson.


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