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Here are a few different places you should try out to help celebrate your 4/20 holiday.

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Today is the smoker’s holiday, a day where they relax and kick back while enjoying the finest cannabis around. While many smokers have their go-to brands already on deck, a ton of new brands have popped up on the market recently.

Like any other recreational industry, once people find their go-to brand, it’s hard to get them to try anything else. Most do not want to research new brands or spend money and be disappointed, so we figured we would step in and recommend some new cannabis you should try in honor of 4/20. If you live in a state where it’s legal, you can order it straight from their website and get it delivered right to your door–it doesn’t get better than that. With today’s holiday in mind, some may sell out, but you can always have it shipped directly to you in the future.

MONOGRAM is the new cannabis company from JAY-Z which aims to bring an upscale luxury element to the smoker lifestyle. Each preroll is hand-rolled with a distinct process crafted by MONOGRAM. Even if you’re a casual smoker, they have something for you as well with different levels to choose from.

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COOKIES SF: You’ve got to respect Berner and the brand he’s built. He’s an OG in the game and every smoker under the sun has heard of the Cookies brand, from your grandma to your doctor. Cookies is the premier destination for smokers as they have everything you can imagine. Staff picks include Samoa Cookies, Gary Payton, and Cereal Milk.

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PurpleUrkle: Jaleel White has jumped back in the iconic Steve Urkle outfit to promote his new cannabis, Purple Urkle. It’s new in relation to him, but the Purple Urkle bud has always been a heavy favorite in the streets. Why let someone else profit off of it when you can do it and give the customer peace of mind that they are getting the real thing? This is a must-try, at least once.

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Khalifa Kush: Wiz Khalifa’s strain Khalifa Kush was originally only available to him for personal consumption, with many thinking he would never allow the public to indulge in the kush he fills his lungs with. After some time, he finally made it available and reviews have been positive all around. The strain impacts and aromas of Khalifa Kush are similar to that of OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with an active cerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use.

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Snoop Dogg OG: It would be disrespectful to have a list and not include Snoop’s strain. Snoop Dogg OG is a 70% Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is said to contain genetics from Lemon OG and Sour Diesel. If Snoop smokes it and cosigns it, that should say everything you need to know.

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