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You should never trust the police and by no means should you ever trust a Republican Senator who is saying words.

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The news of Ma’Khia Bryant’s killing at the hands of an Ohio police officer literally minutes before Derek Chauvin was convicted for murdering George Floyd sent folks who were already stressed out into even further despair. It was a morbid and tragic coincidence that made us all sick to our stomachs. Like many of us at that moment, LeBron James took to Twitter to express how he was feeling. The tweet that he posted was a photograph of Nicholas Reardon, the officer who killed Ma’Khia Bryant, with the caption: “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY” alongside an hourglass emoji.

This had racists, right-wingers, conservatives, and Republican bad faith actors doing the Birdman hand rub because they like nothing more than to project their own flaws, insecurities, and malevolent biases onto decent people with good common sense. Enter the conservative Senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton. According to TMZ, Cotton wasn’t about to miss a ripe opportunity to gaslight and tells lies about what LeBron had said. After all, he has to let his loyal bootlickers in “The Natural State” know how much he despises the cries for justice from Black people, especially the athletes.

If anyone can show us where LeBron said anything about violence or harming people? We’re pretty sure that the hashtag he used said “#ACCOUNTABILITY”. Not, “#AK47”, not “#AR15”, not “#HideYaKidsHideYaWife, so, where exactly is the call for bloodshed? You won’t find one because there wasn’t one. The block got so hot that LeBron actually deleted the tweet and provided some explanation as to why.

All of this was obvious to everyone except those whose job it is to swipe at Black folks and other marginalized people. People like this raggedy bridge troll.

They’re all so excited to be loud and wrong. We would call it strange but this is who they’ve always been.


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