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They damn well better have released this video…

Isaiah Brown

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30-year-old Isaiah Brown was shot 10 times last week by a yet-to-be-named officer in the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office. The inexplicable shooting took place just a short time after the very same police officer had given Isaiah a ride home when his car broke down. Our report on this incident noted that defiant authorities were adamantly against releasing the body camera footage of the shooting despite the public’s mandate for police accountability.

Yesterday afternoon, according to NBC Washington, the Sheriff’s office reneged on their less-than-transparent stance and released the footage of the shooting. The question begs, why s#!t on the public’s right for information and take on the bad PR when you could have just released the cotdamn video in the first place? Police are so dumb. Word to Antoine Dodson.

Anyway, the video shows the officer demanding to see Isaiah’s hands as he situated himself 50 feet away from where Isaiah was standing. In the 911 call that Isaiah made to summon the officer, he told the dispatcher that he was unarmed. Here is that 911 call in its entirety. Warning, the audio of the gunshots can be heard at the 3:00 mark.


Below is the body camera video that was also released. Again, we warn you that you will hear the gunshots that downed Isaiah Brown. Please evaluate your ability to maintain your emotional health before pressing play. There is no blood or graphic images but the video can be extremely triggering.


Sheriff Roger Harris also released this video statement about the shooting to coincide with the release of the body camera video and the 911 call.


The deputy who shot Isaiah has been placed on administrative leave while a special state prosecutor investigates all aspects of this tragic shooting.

We are eagle-eye focused on this case and will be updating you with all the details as more information becomes available.


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