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Listen, it’s been a LONG couple of weeks and at this point, we gotta assume that Satan is playing the longest game of Punk’d on us ever. There have been a rash of completely unnecessary police shootings and the latest one that we’re about to report on is one of the most egregious that we’ve ever heard of.

Allow us a moment to take a deep breath because this s#!t right here…

Isaiah Brown

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Ok, according to an NBC Washington article, a 30-year-old Black man named Isaiah Brown was shot 10 times by a Virginia Sheriff’s Deputy. Heartbreakingly, that story has become damn-near par for the course. What makes this particular incident of violence against the Black body different is that the yet-to-be-named officer had literally JUST given Isaiah a ride home. Around 2:30 am on Wednesday morning, Isaiah’s car had broken down at a gas station. The deputy saw the situation and offered him a ride back home. Upon arrival, the officer had a conversation with his brother, Tazmon Brown.

“He was like, ‘Your brother is fine. He’s not in trouble. His car broke down and I gave him a ride,” he said.

Shortly after that ride, that very same officer was called back to the scene after Isaiah called 911 to complain about a dispute with a family member. Tazmon says that Isaiah wanted to get back to his car out of fear it would be towed. When the deputy arrived back at Isaiah’s home, family members say he almost immediately began shooting.

“I’m just still trying to figure out where he felt the threat at, to feel the need to shoot,” Yolanda Brown, his sister, said.

Isaiah was hit multiple times in the face, neck, chest, and pelvic area. He was unarmed. State police say they have the entire incident on body camera but have refused to release it to the public. They also refused to comment on “any motive or circumstances” regarding this shooting.

If all of this isn’t bad enough, peep this bald-faced lie that was written in the initial police report according to the Washington Post:

Sgt. Brent Coffey, a Virginia State Police spokesman, wrote in an email that the deputy arrived on the scene in Spotsylvania County and encountered Isaiah L. Brown, 32, as Brown was walking in the roadway away from his residence.

“The sheriff’s deputy attempted to verbally engage Brown and it was during this encounter that the deputy discharged his service weapon. Brown was shot and the deputy immediately rendered medical aid,” Coffey wrote.
THE LIES! THE LIES! THE LIES! We have no inside information about this case but this smells rotten from the roota to the toota. Isaiah Brown is currently in ICU trying to recover from his wounds. His status is unknown to us at the time.


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