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Amerikkka loves making violators out of victims.

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You may have seen the following video floating around the internet. It depicts a 6-year-old girl at Central Elementary School in Clewiston, Florida being violently paddled by her principal in front of her terrified mother who is recording the traumatizing incident. Today, TMZ is reporting new details about the controversial punishment along with some inexplicable consequences…

Family lawyer Brent Probinsky says that the girl in the video and her two other siblings were pulled out of class and were individually interrogated by the Florida Dept. of Children and Families after a “tip” came in that the mother was neglectful of the children. Pretty convenient time to be questioning the parent when the person who is clearly abusing the child is right there on the video.

Probinsky also says that the mother was not informed that her children had been questioned until family services requested to speak to her directly. The children told officials that they were neither abused nor neglected at home. According to the report, the Dept. of Children and Families wanted to know why the mother didn’t intervene in the violent punishment. Essentially, blaming her for another grown-a$$ adult’s actions.

F***ing Florida. SMFH.

The unnamed mother is primarily Spanish-speaking and she is also undocumented. Probinsky says she was very afraid of the consequences (potential deportation) if she was found in violation of the law by stopping the pugilistically punitive principle.

Here’s a thought, fire that trash bag Karen of a school administrator and hire someone who doesn’t think they have the right to beat small children senseless.

Also, what a$$hole sent that bogus “tip” in an attempt to villainize the mother?!?



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