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After a year-and-a-half hiatus, the members of Cartel Crew are back on Monday nights and committing to family over everything as they navigate life after cartel. BOSSIP can exclusively confirm that VH1’s “Cartel Crew” is returning for season 3 on June 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Cartel Crew

Source: VH1/ Cartel Crew

This time, Michael, the youngest son of Griselda Blanco, the “Cocaine Godmother” and the rest of the cartel descendants will tackle some interesting and important issues such as social justice, gun reform laws, and mending broken family relationships, while also continuing to share and educate viewers and fans on Latinx and Hispanic cultures. As the cast members work hard to (legitimately) grow their careers and businesses, they continue to find themselves at crossroads.

In the trailer, Salomé is seen mourning her little sister and holding a candlelight vigil while demanding answers.

Cartel Crew

Source: VH1 / Cartel Crew

Nicole is also seen bursting into tears while opening up about having a miscarriage. “I wanted that kid, bad!” says Nicole.

Cartel Crew

Source: VH1 / Cartel Crew

Michael and Marie have tension because Michael wants a prenup before they tie the knot. “I’m a Blanco, I”m about my money!” says Michael while storming off from his fiancee who was disowned by her family over him.

Cartel Crew

Source: VH1 / Cartel Crew

As for Tatu Baby and Eddie, their son is questioning the status of the relationship while a fed-up Tatu says she’s moving on.

Cartel Crew

Source: VH1 / Cartel Crew

“Are you and mommy, okay?” asks their son.

Cartel Crew

Source: VH1 / Cartel Crew

Watch the “Cartel Crew” season 3 trailer below.



See more info on season 3 below.

Meet the Crew:

Michael Blanco has started planning the wedding of the century and growing his cannabis empire but trouble soon arises when he asks Marie for a prenup.

Marie Ramirez De Arellano has lost everything and been disowned by her own family for being with Michael. Needless to say Michael’s prenup is the last thing she’s expecting.

Mike “Majix” Yuen has been shepherding he and Michael’s company, Pure Blanco, but is still consumed by his past felony marijuana charges which he’s focused on expunging from his record.

Salomé Jackson deals with the loss of her teenage sister Gigi who was shot and killed in Miami last year.

Ivette Saucedo decides to spend a few months in Miami to escape issues with her mother in California.

Nicole Zavala is struck with two major tragedies that set her back with her business plans and lead her to a spiral of deep depression.

Michael Zavala has spent much of the pandemic quietly dealing with back-to-back personal losses.

Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores has been forced to adjust to a lot of changes this year and has to navigate the world of running a tattoo business and family issues on her own.

Eddie Soto recently released a documentary of his life where he shares his personal story, and his loved ones are unhappy about it.

Stephanie Acevedo continues to be the best supportive friend to Kat as she navigates life after the Cartel.

Dayana Castellanos deals with a chaotic 2020, but things are starting to look up for her in business and love.

“Cartel Crew” takes a deep look into the lives of eight descendants of the Cartel life as they navigate adulthood and the effects the legacy has had on their upbringing. Now disconnected from their past, they want to make a name for themselves outside of the drug world, but find that escaping the shadows of their ancestors will come with a price. Money, friendships and love are on the line in this redemption story about life after narcos.

Monday’s are back with VH1’s hit series “Cartel Crew” Season 3 premiering on Monday, June 7th at 9p ET/PT.




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