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“I say f**k the police, that’s how I treat ’em” -The Old Kanye

Viewing And Funeral Held For Victim Of Police Killing, Andrew Brown Jr., In North Carolina

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

The shooting death of Andrew Brown Jr. at the hands of police in Elizabeth City, North Carolina is another sad chapter in the book of Amerikkkan Abuse Against African-Americans. We are paying close attention to how things shake out and right now it’s not looking good based on some new details that have been released.

According to an NBC News report, Brown’s family and lawyers were “privy” to 20 minutes of video cobbled together from dashcams and body cameras from the scene of his death. The footage revealed what attorney Harry Daniels calls an “ambush” and a “massacre”.

“You should be outraged that in 2021 — 2021 — that a man be killed, gunned down by a firing squad,” said Harry Daniels, a Brown family attorney. “I’ll be damned just because they wear a shield, a badge, that the killers should still walk free.”

D.A. Andrew Womble has been steadfast in insisting that officers only shot Brown after he hit deputies with his car twice. However, attorney Chance Lynch says nothing could be further from the truth. The police are bald-faced liars. No plot twist there.

“We counted approximately six, if not more, bullet holes in the side of his car … and we were able to see a number of shots, approximately six, at least, in the back windshield. At no point — let me be very clear — at no point did we see Mr. Brown pose a threat to the law enforcement officers that were there,” Lynch said.

Lynch goes on to say that Brown was sitting inside his car on his cell phone when police accosted him. The videos of the aftermath show that no weapons were found on Brown’s person.

“You could see that he was not a threat. There was a shot fired. When the shot was fired, he put the car in reverse, putting several feet, if not yards, away from the police who were there. He turned his wheel to the left, to turn it away from the law enforcement officers,” he said. “At no point did we ever see any police officers behind his vehicle. At no point did we ever see Mr. Brown make contact with law enforcement.”

It’s pretty obvious that the police don’t want this video to see the light of day because they can’t justify what they did to that man. If Andrew Brown Jr. had put police lives in danger there is no doubt whatsoever that the department would gladly throw him under the bus of public opinion because “blue lives matter”, right? The account of what took place varies so vastly that it speaks volumes.

Rest in peace Andrew Brown Jr. We’re not optimistic that you will get the justice you deserve but we sure would like to see it.



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