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Ceaser Emanuel, Crystal Torres

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Remember a few months back when Ceaser Emanual’s teenage daughter claimed he physically abused her? That issue was brought up on a recent episode of “Black Ink” and the mother of his daughter Crystal Torres is not here for him allegedly SPINNING the story in his favor, especially when she says he was found GUILTY for child neglect.

Ceaser was originally accused by his daughter Cheyenne of punching and kicking her while she was in the shower. Cheyenne took to Instagram live where she detailed the harrowing experience.

“He put hands and feet on me!,” she screamed. “I’m a female! I don’t give a f****!”

“The level of disrespect from my father pulling me out of the shower then beating me while I was naked is a problem,” she added.

Cheyenne alleged the Black Ink star beat her “like a dog in the street.”

“I’m here to speak my truth. He knows what he has done. The police [were] called. There are records.”

The young teen also took aim at Ceaser’s new girlfriend Suzette for being a “porn star.”


Now, according to Ceaser’s new flame, the alleged altercation occurred over dirty dishes. Suzette responded back to  Cheyenne’s accusations via her Instagram story writing:

“She was [supposed]to wash dishes. You want $600 wigs but don’t want to wash dishes?! Kids these days have no respect. Don’t respect their mom or dad and want the world…”

Well, last night, Ceaser finally cleared the air about the drama, although he never admitted to touching his child and even blamed his daughter for making up the abuse allegations to sabotage his career. The Black Ink shop owner said he felt like he was betrayed by the person he “loves most in the world.”

Check out the full clip below!


Ceaser went on to explain that his ex-Crystal was jealous because of his success as a tattoo artist and his burgeoning relationship with Suzette. Although Ceaser seems to be falling for Suzette, he did admit that she should have never jumped into the drama between him and his daughter.

“Both of them was out of f******g character,” he explained.

“My daughter should have never got on social media and disrespected a grown woman like that and in turn, a grown woman should have never gotten on social media and disrespected a young child like that.”

Crystal must have seen the clip in question with Ceaser and Teddy and went OFF on the reality star on Instagram. The mother says her daughter had “bruises” on her when she finally returned from his home.

“ACS was called, they’re investigating David Emanuel. You know what he did, he sent a cease and destist to ACS. You know what they did? He was found guilty in the state of New York for child neglect on his child. It’s public record!

Because of that he went and did a retalition on me and told them I used drugs. I volunteered to take a drug test, it came back negative. The point I’m trynna make is your using you daughter…how could you lie on your child?”

Listen to Crystal’s entire rant down below. What do you think?



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