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Nine Dead After Church Shooting In Charleston

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There are certain names that Black folks will never forget. These days, many of them are victims of violence done to them by police officers. However, there are also a couple of names that we will never forget because of what they did to our people. Most recently, Derek Chauvin, the soulless cop who murdered George Floyd in broad daylight in front of a crowd of witnesses. Another is Dylann Roof, the mass murderer who killed 9 Black people inside of South Carolina’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church back in 2015. The police bought him some Burger King after he was done murdering.

According to the Washington Post, Dylann Roof filed for appeal of both his murder conviction and his death penalty sentence. His lawyer, Sapna Mirchandani, had the unmitigated gall to argue that Roof was “not competent” to stand trial because he had “delusions about white nationalists.” If Roof was competent enough to buy a gun and use it against Black people in the name of racism then he’s competent enough to die for that very same reason as far as we’re concerned. At least two of the three judges hearing the appeal request agreed. Said Judge Kent A. Jordan:

“Is every neo-Nazi incompetent to stand trial?” he asked. “It sounds like that’s what you are saying.”

The article also noted that Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has tipped his hand that he would support the temporary suspension of the death penalty. This should serve as a warning to him as well. Black protesters will likely show up at the White House in unprecedented numbers if they allow Dylann Roof, who has already been treated with far too much deference, to live out his days on taxpayers’ dimes after all the Black bodies that have been killed at the hands of the state.



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