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A YouTuber did a stupid thing for a video again, and this time, they got arrested for it.

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According to reports from BBC, 32-year-old Gaurav Sharma, also known on social media as Mr. Sharma, is the owner of a YouTube channel with more than four million subscribers. He ended up getting arrested by police in India following a complaint by the regional animal welfare organization People for Animals, which comes after attaching his dog to an assortment of balloons and briefly making him fly.

In footage from the since-deleted video, the YouTube personality can be seen letting go of the dog, named Dollar, as the pet briefly floats in the air toward the second floor of a nearby building. At that point, another person catches the dog while it is floating, which prompts cheering from other people.

The Delhi-based creator posted a follow-up video on May 23 claiming he had taken “all the safety measures” when planning the widely criticized footage. He also claimed he won’t repeat this type of content in the future, adding that he treats Dollar “like a child.”

Unsurprisingly, the commenters on his apology video are not happy.

One YouTube user wrote, “This is a lesson for all of us who do anything to become viral….,” while another person chimed in, “Arrest is a blessing for him as free publicity… he should be fined and jailed or his YouTube account must be suspended.”

Now, according to the NDTV report, a case has been registered against Gaurav and his mother “under various sections of the law.” This wasn’t the first time someone has done something ridiculous for Youtube views and unfortunately, it won’t be the last.




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