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Porsha did WHAT?

In the latest chapter of “Don’t Do It, Reconsider,” Porsha revealed that she (allegedly) tatted fiancé Simon Guobadia’s middle name on her neck after only a month together.

The heart-eyed RHOA star made the revelation on Dish Nation while discussing Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris’ matching tattoos.

“I got a tattoo. I think it’s a great way to show when you love someone,” said Porsha. “I got my fiancé’s middle name tattooed on my neck. “Right here, it don’t hurt,” she added.

“I don’t like no pain. Right here it doesn’t hurt and, you know, I think that’s cute.”

At this point, we’re STILL not 100% sure if she’s genuinely in love or just riding this wave for the next highly anticipated season of RHOA but she appears to be ALL IN on the successful businessman.

“Ima stick beside him,” she captioned under a pic of the couple sitting together at what appears to be a club–possibly one of the clubs he owns.

This came just days after she thanked the good Lord, himself, for sending her Simon who, according to Atlanta socialite Jessica Harris, was just canoodling with her last month.

On a recent episode of Dish Nation, Porsha was grilled by her cohosts about her quickie coupledom with the estranged husband of Falynn Guobadia. According to Porsha, despite what detractors think about them getting engaged after only 1-month of dating, she couldn’t deny her feelings.

“God is good,” said Porsha on Dish Nation. “I’ve been waiting for a love like this. God answered my prayers and I wasn’t gonna deny it when it was smacking me in my face.”

She also addressed those pesky pregnancy rumors that died down when she posted a snatched waist gym pic.

“I’m not pregnant,” said Porsha. “I am not pregnant, this is not a shotgun wedding.”

Do you think Porsha really got Simon’s middle name tattooed or is this just another stunt? Tell us down below and peep the messiest reactions on the flip.

“I hope Porsha secured a good life for her and her kid. A neck tattoo after two months with a elderly man who has diabetes so you know that d*ck is mush most nights. Girl, bless your heart” – whew, chile…

“Porsha got that man name tatted on her neck ?!” – mind completely gone

“Porsha when Simon’s heart finally stops beating and she pockets $40 millions + assets” – you know what…

“Did i just hear Porsha got a tattoo of that man’s middle name on her neck????! Lmaaaao girl what is goin on??!” – no, seriously, what is happening??

“A neck tattoo? A neck tattoo of a man’s name who’s divorce ain’t final? A neck tattoo of a man’s name who’s divorce ain’t final at the age of almost 40? Porsha?!?!?!” – mannnnnn

“She tattooed his name on her neck?! Porsha just gonna look like boo boo the fool even more now if this relationship goes south. #RHOA” – already looking that way

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“Porsha really got that married man name tatted on her neck Lmfaoooo thank God I no longer stan her cause wtf” – she’s ALL the way in

“i knew porsha had a neck tattoo when she was wearing a scarf with her workout clothes” – the plot thickens

“Porsha know damn well she didn’t get that man name tattooed on her neck. If I was Sherry I would’ve asked to see it, because b*tch if you didn’t post it on Instagram it didn’t happen” – welppp


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